This is Maintenance

Hitman 2 • Completed The Ark Society • 20G • 5.75% of gamers unlocked this

Apparently I was closer to the end of Hitman 2 than I realised … the final mission in the ‘destinations’ list was actually just the special sniper challenge location … so following a brief jaunt around suburban Virginia, I went to a small island castle, burned one twin and threw another off a balcony, and then made the head of “shadowy organisation name goes here” (I haven’t really been following the story very well) down to the wharf.

It was a satisfying final mission, but because I thought there was one more, it didn’t ‘feel’ final. I have to say though, there were a couple of story beats in these final two missions that showcase exactly how good not only the narrative but the level design has become in Hitman. It is, undoubtedly, the gaming equivalent of ‘onions have layers, ogres have layers.’

Now I have a proper first gaming world problem … push on with some fantastic achievement double-dipping in Hitman 2, or head back to the Wild West and continue the Red Dead story.

To be honest, I’m worried about falling too far behind the rest of the Internet when it comes to game completion – even when I was reading about this achievement tonight and seeing Maka91 had completed Hitman 2 a few days ago irked me. Yes, I know, I’m a fickle man.

I’ll revisit the Hitman 2 achievement list in about a week when Sean Bean drops in as the new Elusive Target, but until then … I have horses to ride and feuding families to sort out. Giddyup.

Tactical Strike

Hitman 2 • Completed Three-Headed Serpent • 20G • 15.13% of gamers unlocked this

This is a late-night achievement tonight, I’m posting this one live! It’s a later completion on account of wanting to complete some campaign progress on Hitman 2, and this was far from a quick-and-dirty mission.

Three targets, large map, and a whole lotta outfit changes, crude methods of killing, and a narrow escape all made up a thoroughly satisfying level. I really do miss the episodic pace of release though, I could thoroughly work my way through all the challenges and really study the level, but instead I’m inclined just to power through to the next level in pursuit of the narrative.

It looks like my next level is in Mumbai, India, which is funny because one of the other reasons I am so late posting tonight is that I have divided attention between this post and chatting with my friend who is currently travelling the subcontinent.

My guess is that Hitman’s version of Mumbai is going to be a ‘touch’ more polished than reality.

A New Profile

Hitman 2 • Completed a Featured Contract • 15G • 2.51% of gamers unlocked this

There is a delicious assortment of achievements to unlock in Hitman 2, made easier if you’re a veteran of the first reboot, and the Featured Contracts are a welcome return to form, even though there’s only a couple on offer to start with.

Tonight I am in a much-needed early night, and so I figured I would try a contract instead of launching straight into a mission, and the first of the featured contracts is as simple as killing the two guards on the front gate of ‘The Final Test’. A couple of quick bullets were enough to get me over the line tonight, but it will be good to get into a few more of these missions as they emerge over the life of the game.

For now though, I’m happy to have put Christopher and Luca down. The first of many to come …

Blunt Trauma

Hitman 2 • Trawled the Beach • 15G • 31.54% of gamers unlocked this

Finally! I managed to get into a game of Hitman 2 after what seemed to be a 48 hour install cycle! Even still, I couldn’t connect online when I got in, and had to play offline – but that was enough to give me a taste of the opening level, which was a delicious recon of a coastal house. Following a quick assassination and fleeing the house, it is then on 47 to get back off the beach, and if you’re lucky enough, you can find yourself a fantastic piece of driftwood to use in distracting guards or, you know, keeping as a collectable.

I didn’t quite have the latitude to experiment in this level tonight on account of time, but I think there’s definitely a bit of fun to be had here. I am very keen to learn the level layouts so I can master the elusive targets, but if I’ve learned anything about Hitman, it’s slow-and-steady almost always wins the race.

Snakes on a Plain

Snake Pass • Received a Gift from Bol-Dur, Earth Gatekeeper • 30G • 11.34% of gamers unlocked this

Just a progress achievement today, so nothing really of substance here … the kids were overly tired today (so was I!) after our huge day yesterday so we struggled through the afternoon on the couch, with a brief interlude for some gaming.

This achievement kicked in at the end of about level four, which I think is a good pace for achievements like this. It really does seem ridiculous to be clocking in this achievement when I have so many AAAs here to play, but I have to balance my ability to write this blog as well! So I’m going to write about something I can lock in rather than one of the games that I have to ‘experience new’.

Speaking of which, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was quite excited about a spot of Hitman 2 tonight!

Gated Progress

Snake Pass • Fixed the First Gate • 10G • 76.92% of gamers unlocked this

I am so overwhelmingly tired that I’m not sure how to write this.

I’ve dropped my phone three times falling asleep writing.

Take my word … I earned this achievement today. Mission Accomplished!

Golly Gosh!

Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game • Popped 500 Balloons in a single game • 10 points

I love Rick and Morty. For a long time, I actually only knew about them as a vague pop culture phenomenon in the same style as South Park or Family Guy, but when I dedicated a bit of time to watching it, I really loved it and now I’m no longer left in the nerd wilderness when it comes to certain Rick and Morty memes or phrases.

This game, however, eludes me.

I’m not sure if there was an episode I missed where Jerry was playing this game, or if he designed this game, and it’s quite possible that in watching the entire series thus far back-to-back that I have glossed over some of the smaller details seeded in the episodes, but I’m really not sure how this fits into the overall universe. It’s possible it doesn’t, and this is just a random play on the character of Jerry, which actually makes a lot of sense, but I just wasn’t sure where this landed in terms of context.

Not that it really matters I suppose, because, at the end of the day, this is a game where you pop balloons … and not much more. I can see where the appeal lies in this game because it has some stretch goal achievements built into it, but I figured 500 balloons is probably enough for one lunch break.

Tonight is likely to be more Red Dead, but I’m starting to see some movement in the Hitman space as well, so if that’s dropped, then I’m going to sink some time into that as well this weekend … in among a whole heap of other ‘flurry’ that’s happening. Least of which is a Christmas parade which my family is looking forward to, whereas I could see myself using that time more effectively in smashing through the RDR2 campaign … all part of the journey of life, I guess.

Ho. Ho. Ho.