Another Dimension

Over the past week, I (re)loaded up LEGO Dimensions and had a bit of fun with my son, running around aimlessly in the various worlds that the base pack has to offer. He has a bit of an obsession for playing “The Witch” (Gandalf), whereas my inner nerd preferences Batman, so between the two of us, we cover a lot of ground (or water, he loves to take the characters swimming) in various worlds.

I’m not sure what happened along the way, but at some point I had abandoned the story, so over the past few days I started back on the main story path, in pursuit of an antagonist who has united a group of equally-bad guys with the likes of The Joker, Sauruman and Lex Luthor on the roster. From what I can tell from the trophy list, I’m about a quarter of the way through, so I’ll continue over the next week or two and see where it takes me.

The Xbox Achievement system for LEGO Dimensions is a little bit broken at the moment. I started a game two-player while my son and I ran around Gotham, but then when he went to bed and I dropped him out, I went back to the story only to find that any progress was not being tracked against my Xbox profile. It took a full shutdown (not just a restart, as I discovered) and reboot to get the Achievements working properly, but now I have a large missing trophy-sized hole in my heart where it used to go.

In the next few days, I am going to have a go at some of the level packs – namely the Portal 2 pack (which is, frustratingly, missing a piece so I can’t properly build the turret) and the Sonic the Hedgehog pack (mainly because it was on special at EB Games, but also to tickle my 90s nostalgia). If I get a chance, I’ll stream them over at




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