Battlefield 1 More Time

I took advantage of the free play weekend for Battlefield 1 over the last couple of days, which has the excellent campaign design of breaking up ‘the war’ into four or five discrete ‘war stories.’ EA have clearly tried to infuse a sense of reverence to World War I in the lastest contribution to the Battlefield franchise, and from what I can tell, it certainly delivers. 

Being the red-blooded patriot that I am, it seemed natural to start with the Gallipoli story, which was brilliant, but questionably short. When you start to get into the war stories, you’ll realise that the Gallipoli campaign was about average, with one of the other stories, for example, only lasting two chapters. 

Importantly, it was nice to hear an Australian accent in-game that did not suffer from the twang of a Hollywood wannabe. A delightful narrative about a pair of Australian diggers in the days that followed the initial Gallipoli landings. 

Concluding the short Gallipoli tale in just a few hours then allowed me to head back to the first story, which focuses on the tank campaign from the 1918 Battle of Cambrai which features, among other things, a brief interlude where you play as a pigeon!

I’ve also since completed the rest of the war stories, all of which are easily completed (on easy/normal) with a good solid few hours to spare. I get the sense that these are more about the narrative than the gunplay, but for a guy who plays Call of Duty for the campaign, this didn’t bother me in the slightest. 

My brief sojourn into multiplayer was just that: brief. One of the problems with coming late to a multiplayer game is that you are always a bit behind the diehards who already have all their unlocks, they know the layout of the maps, and are just generally better practiced. It’s a balancing issue, with only Rocket League and Overwatch giving me the best insight into the way multiplayer should be for newcomers. I would suggest sales figures for both those titles would agree. Nonetheless, it’s not a hard game to pickup, but an arguably difficult one to master. 

Battlefield 1 is a visually stunning game that does an excellent job portraying the less-stunning atrocity of war. Thanks to EA and Xbox for giving it to us for nothing over the past two days. 

Screenshots from Battlefield 1, Electronic Arts 


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