Wasteland Wanderer

I’ve decided to re-launch my self-imposed An Achievement a Day challenge as I’ve been finally getting back to some gaming and working through what seems to be a 2015-16 backlog. In all honesty, I could backdate this a few days and get ‘a few in the bank’ as they say, but considering I do most of this on my phone at night, I’d be doing a whole lot of work just to live a lie anyway. So this seems like as good a place as any.

My first achievement is going to come from Fallout Shelter, something I really couldn’t be bothered with on iOS, but since it came to Xbox, I’m now sitting around 50 hours plus into. Admittedly, some of that has been leaving it going while I let my Mr Handy’s collect resources, but needless to say, I’ve been chipping away at my little vault for a few months.

I hadn’t actually touched the game for the past month though, so when I logged on, Piper (my only legendary character) and team were waiting at the door from a recent mission. I collected their goods and ‘ding!’ the achievement popped.

This achievement is for the completion of ten quests. I’m not sure when they introduced quests into Fallout Shelter, or even if they were always there, but they provided a welcome change of scenery occasionally from the vault, so I did them. Ten times to be precise!

The Wasteland Wanderer achievement currently has a 9.54% unlock rate (rare) and is worth 20G.


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