Chaos Millionaire 

Today’s achievements came late in the day, on account of not much playtime – but I still managed to clear the Chaos Millionaire achievement from Square Enix’s Just Cause 3. I picked up the XL version a few weeks ago during the Xbox Spring Sale, and I’m glad I spent a few bucks extra for all the DLC. I’ve already completed the DLC arcs as a break from the main story, and I’ve been rewarded with a jet pack and much better weapons – all of which makes the now ‘routine’ story that much easier. 

Right now I’m on the third island and just chipping away at clearing bases and settlements. It’s fun and mindless, just what I want right now.

As of today, Chaos Millionaire is an achievement worth 45G and has been unlocked by 13.11% of gamers. 


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