Son of Medici

Just Cause 3 ended rather abruptly today. There is a whole story arc with Sheldon and Rico’s parents and adoption and something else that was never expanded on throughout the whole story. I’m not sure if the plan was to do so through DLC and it was dropped or whether it was left deliberately vague, but it’s a loose end that’s never entirely wrapped up for Rico.

I found the last mission a little anti-climactic today, as doing the DLC missions first had given me some super weapons that made short work of Di Ravello’s (the antagonist) helicopter in the final battle in a volcano. That was fine, easy missions suit me no problem, but it certainly didn’t have the same Hollywood flair that JC2’s missile-riding ending had (to be fair, you ride a missile in one of the opening scenes of JC3 instead). 

I’ll keep chipping away at the final regions to see if I can get the ‘liberated all islands’ achievement, but many of them aren’t on the map so you’re, often literally, flying blind. There’s still plenty to go – the last island is quite big. 

Then there’s collectibles. I’m not sure how I’ll go with them – I’m normally terrible with collectibles, but some free time and a walk through might convince me to spend some time on it one afternoon.

For now, I’ll be satisfied with just having finished the story.

Son of Medici is a 30G achievement that 15.78% of gamers have completed.


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