I’ve done it. After staying up until 2.30am this morning (unsuccessfully) and then trying ‘one more time’ to find a group today – I am now the proud completionist of a Destiny raid, specifically the Vault of Glass.

It actually just started with me joining a group on ‘The 100‘ and inviting a mate to join me. He mistook that as ‘get online right now and help play Destiny‘ and I didn’t have the heart to tell him, so I found us a raid group using the rather snobby Xbox LFG and after about three hours we got it done. We actually got it done. I’m as surprised as everyone else is. 

So, I imagine given the difficulty I had getting into that raid, it was probably my last time before Destiny 2. That’s OK, I’ll endure – it’d be nice to get the achievements for hard runs on the raids, but beggars can’t be choosers. And I, am most certainly, a beggar. 

Raider is a 30G achievement that 20.16% of gamers have unlocked. 

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