Not So Fast

Microsoft Jackpot 9_05_2017 6_23_04 PM.png

The things one does to meet their own personal challenge. Today’s achievement sees me desperately sitting in a hotel lobby using their wi-fi to connect to Microsoft Jackpot to earn an achievement – this one for ‘capturing a villain’ in a minigame in one of the challenges within Jackpot itself. It’s the second of my recorded achievement for Jackpot in this challenge – which is fine, it goes to show that quick and accessible games like this absolutely have their place in a gaming library.

In all honesty, I’ve set Jackpot to ‘autoplay’ and ‘quick play’ while I tinkered with Hamster Universe, another of the Windows 10 Xbox titles – and just crossed my fingers and hoped that an achievement would pop. And it did. Challenge, accepted – and met.

This achievement is worth 10G and 9.13% of gamers have unlocked it.

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