Good Intel

Microsoft Jackpot 10_05_2017 9_48_10 AM.png

Another achievement from Microsoft Jackpot today – completely and utterly lazy achievement earning, I set-and-forget Jackpot running in the background while I was sitting in a workshop, so I had a little grin when I saw an achievement pop early. I didn’t think I’d actually get one for a little while as the next ‘area’ doesn’t open up until Level 8 and I seem to be stuck on Level 6 for eternity, my ranking edging up at the world’s slowest pace, so I figured a day of auto-spin and fast-play would help me kick-on a bit ready for an achievement later on in the week or next time I needed a quick-and-dirty Gamerscore.

This achievement is for triggering the Villain Wilds feature for all four villains in the spy-themed game, and I did see some sort of dossier screen as a reward when I switched back to the game to see the achievement, but that’s about it – the game kept rolling on without so much as a pause or a prompt, so I’ll just take the achievement and move on with my life.

This achievement is worth 10G and 3.41% of gamers have unlocked it.


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