Conversation Killer

Another day of Destiny Iron Banner, which I plan to continue into the night, because I’m so close to Level 5 that one final push should do it, so I took the path of least resistance (again) and did an extra chapter in Telltale’s The Walking Dead. 

It’s funny how the story all comes back to you when you start playing. I’m able to wander in and out mentally for the most part and still follow along with the narrative. Already I’ve had my ‘aha!’ moment today when I remembered what was in store for Lee, Kenny et. al. during this episode – so I imagine there’ll be some other moments along the way. 

I’ve got a largely unplayed Telltale Collection sitting on the Xbox waiting for a play through (I’ve already finished all the titles on multiple other platforms) so for the meantime, these will be my emergency achievement backups. 

This achievement is worth 20G and 34.35% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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