Legend of Vengence 

I felt like something a bit different this afternoon, so I cracked open Shadow of Mordor again for old times’ sake and went through my achievement list to see what was outstanding (I have platinun’d Mordor on PS4, it’s such a great game).

There was a chance to score a quick achievement by kicking off a sword mission – one of the ‘upgrade’ quest paths for one of Talion’s three weapons (sword, dagger, bow). I pretty much just found the nearest mission and went for it – it was a ‘clear a ghoul cave’ one, and I’ll admit, it took me a few goes as I’m clearly out-of-practice. Still, I got the job done – and it was fun. As fun as I remember Mordor having ever been. I might keep chipping away at it in my down time … what I have of it!

This achievement is worth 15G and 41.53% of gamers have unlocked it. 

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