I’m wall-to-wall tonight but I had a few minutes spare on my PC, so while looking up a walkthrough for Minecraft achievements, I stumbled across a very handy guide – and downloadable maps – from the kids over at TrueAchievements that let me smash out a range of very quick and otherwise impossible achievements. 

None of the achievements popped on my phone or my PC, so I wasn’t entirely sure that I was earning anything, but sure enough, a quick check on the Xbox iOS App confirmed that I did earn an achievement, and quite a few of them! 

This achievement was worth 30G and 0.38% of gamers have unlocked it. Now that’s a rare achievement!

PS – Also, let me take this opportunity to congratulate NichBoy on the arrival of his new addition, Banjo! Hope Mum and Bub are doing well! 


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