Free Diver

Jumped back on the PC to smash out a few more Minecraft achievements today, but naturally, because I’d already gotten all the vanilla, ‘easy’ achievements (noting I’m using a custom, achievement-friendly map), I kept cocking up in a few places and ended up only getting two. 

This one seemed easy – stay underwater for two minutes. But the potion I needed to breath underwater was a ‘splash’ potion, so instead of drinking it (which the walkthrough said to do) I ended up throwing it on the ground three feet away from me. It was only after a few reloads that I tried throwing it straight up in the air and letting it splash over the top of me that I was effectively able to jump in the water and start the achievement. 

For further insight, this achievement doesn’t unlock until after you actually ‘get out’ of the water as well, so I was probably in there for five minutes in total before I started thinking about moving on and discovered that the achievement had popped. I’m getting into achievements now that seem to be designed for hard-core, knowledge-intense Minecrafters, so I’m expecting a bit more of this confusion before I get to 100% (if ever). 

This achievement is worth 20G and 0.15% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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