Bad Blood

Today’s official achievement is, of course, from season one of The Walking Dead, one of the early milestones from episode three, which I left running this afternoon and just checked on from time-to-time. 

But the real achievement today is a personal one hurdle I’ve been working hard to get, and just before I turned the TV over to TWD, I successfully managed to complete a Cruicible match that pushed my third and final Guardian in Destiny over to Level 40. 

At first, I created a third one just so I could have three characters ready for Destiny 2, but as my sloppy internet connection and lack of friends online when I wanted them to be seemed to increase, so too did my willingness to keep pursuing milestones with my main (Hunter) or my backup (Titan). So I, at first, chipped away at a few bounties with my Warlock, and then before I knew it, I was sitting around Level 35-36. One final push, combining patrols, missions and crucible pushed me to Level 40 just after lunchtime, and after swapping some spare gear around so he wasn’t a greenhorn Level 40, I happily took this screenshot and ticked it off my bucket list. 

My final few months with Destiny will probably involve either trying to finish a few more raids, or smashing through the rewards book for Age of Triumph. Either way, I’m glad Destiny has ended up where it has – a long way from vanilla Destiny, and now with a solid, supportive user base that is willing D2 to succeed.

Time will tell!

In the meantime, this achievement (The Walking Dead one) is worth 20G and 28.58% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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