Long Road Ahead 

I really had just planned to have another quick chapter of The Walking Dead knocked on the head tonight, but instead – at my son’s behest – I fired up Sword Coast Legends instead. I had played, perhaps, five minutes of it previously, enough to create my go-to fantasy character (“Whispering Jack” – my Elder Scrolls Online character goes by the same name), and save the game. 

One of the first things you realise about Legends is that is also serves as ‘Game Loading Simulator 2017’. There is a lot of waiting in this game, so much so that I began to wonder what exactly I had done to my console that needed it to be cleansed of junk data (Defrag anyone?). But, when patience takes over, you are rewarded with a visually pleasing, spiritual successor to the Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale series. 

The inspiration for this title is fairly obvious, but from what I recall, I actually bought Legends for about $3 during an Xbox sale, which means that it just never had the same community around it that Neverwinter Nights did, or perhaps still does. 

Nobody is whispering about the latest, greatest campaign from Legends, and that’s a shame. The console controls are a bit clunky and there is the aforementioned death-by-load screen problem, but there was ambition here, and it’s disheartening it was never realised. I don’t think it’s a lack of effort or energy by the developers, but rather a title lost in a sea of top-down click-’em-ups like Diablo III

I didn’t expect to be grabbed quite as much as I was by Legends, so expect a few more achievements from this one as we go along. I’ve never been very good at following the lore and story for D&D games, but I understand the basic concept of ‘kill goblins and big band guys’ pretty well and that’s enough for me. The campaign is clearly meaty enough – today’s achievement is just for completing the prologue, something that took a solid hour to 90mins of combat, dungeon crawling and a touch of RP (well, conversation with NPCs anyway). 

This achievement is worth 30G and 37.01% of gamers have unlocked it. 

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