No Apologies

I was hoping to dive into a bit of Overwatch tonight to try their Anniversary update, I doubt I’ve put enough hours or energy into the game itself, but it seemed like a good a time as any to try and grab the hype train. I knew it had downloaded an update last night so i assumed it was ready to play, but instead a 1.5GB decided to come down the pipeline and tie everything up, so I settled for a quick session in Black Flag instead. 

I picked up the journey where I last left off trying to navigate a stealth section. Yuck. Just let me sail my ship and we’re good, Ubisoft, thanks. 

As an aside, I started listening to the final podcast of “PS I Love You XOXO” with Greg Miller and Jeremy Dunham, where Dunham talks about his OCD-driven need to obtain an Xbox and a PS4 achievement/trophy once a day, which he has done seemlessly for about three-and-half years.

It’s 11.45pm now and I’m falling asleep in bed, so I might leave it there. Until next time!

This achievement was worthy 20G and 31.16% of gamers have earned it. 


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