Out of Debt

It is getting very close to midnight and a bit past my bedtime, so after spending some time with Shadow Complex on the PC, and running around the wasteland in Mad Max, I was getting frustrated that no achievements were popping. The latter, in particular, seemed like it should have had one or two drop, considering it has the strange single numbering achievements (which, at the moment, gives me a very sexy non-round number at the end of my gamerscore). 

So, once 11pm hit, I had to pull out something else. I knew where I was up to in Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Episode 3, Fuel Tanker dangling over the train line) and I also knew that I didn’t have the time or patience to get further along in the story tonight to get an achievement. Instead, I cracked open Farming Simulator 15 and True Achievements, and set to work on finding something achieveable in 10 minutes or less. And then I found this achievement, which essentially entails selling everything you start with and going to give the proceeds of the sale back to the bank. It was a bit of a digital hike to get to the bank but it got done nonetheless. 

This achievement is worth 40G and 17.81% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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