I had unlocked some single-figure Mad Max achievements earlier in the night, so I figured that would do me and I’d be able just to have a quick game of Overwatch before bed and log one of those as part of today’s challenge. But when this achievement popped, it seemed like as good a time as any to log it here, seen as I figure Overwatch achievements will be few and far between. 

This one was for winning a Capture Map without loosing the first objective. In all honesty, I didn’t realise I had any more objective-based achievements to get – I thought I would slowly have to work my way through the characters to unlock their respective milestones, so it was a nice surprise. It’s a bit of luck scoring this achievement though, it relies on as much of having a good team willing to work objectives rather than kills – plus you need to get on the right side – plus you need to actually pull your weight in-game. It’s a trinity of requirements that I was lucky to get tonight, and while I think most people would be able to get this at some point in their Overwatch careers – I don’t play it nearly as hard or as religiously as others. 

In other gaming-related news, I’ve been eyeing off the PlayStation again. The main reasons I don’t play it pretty much surround my dislike of my username and my half-decade long campaign to let us change our names, keeping our trophies, our friends lists and our digital purchases. Of course, of course, the name I actually want is now taken (by me on a separate account) so rather than confronting that personal psychological hurdle, I just ignore it and hope that it’ll get fixed sooner or later. As a result, I’ve sunk a lot of time into Xbox over the past few years, with a gamerscore to match, so that’s hard to let go as well. It’s a messy result of being a bad consumer, vulnerable to community pressure and good marketing. Either way, I’m hoping E3 and Apple’s Developer Conference help give me an idea where technology is heading in the next 1-2 years, which will also shape my decision. Microsoft knows this is a big E3 for them … we’ll see if it’s big for the gamers as well. 

This achievement is worth 20G and 37.95% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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