Krankcase Kapturer

It is a truth, universally known, that I am unable to pass up a good gaming bargain, so when I saw Skylanders Superchargers going out the door for $1, then I grabbed a handful and brought them home to add to the collection. Even if I don’t own Superchargers, I know that I’ve been able to pick up every other Skylanders game for $10-15 in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Superchargers drop to that price soon (considering the figures are going for $1), so long story short, once my son was told we had new Skylanders, he naturally wanted to play with them – and because we don’t have Superchargers, we whipped out the next best thing: Skylanders Trap Team. 

The Skylanders series have been games that I’ve enjoyed playing with the kids on-and-off over the past 12-18 months, but it’s always been in short bursts, one or two levels at a time or one of the side activities or simply just wandering around. As a result, I haven’t completed Trap Team yet and I was able just to jump in this afternoon and pick up where we last left off. I’ve got no idea what’s happening with the story, and I’ll bet my son doesn’t either, but we don’t care, it’s an hour that we spend gaming and earning achievements together. 

This achievement is simply a progress achievement for finishing level 11 or 12 (I can’t remember), but it culminated in a mildly satisfying boss fight with the titular Krankcase. Because I’ve used the same Skylander for most of my ‘career’ (a dinosaur flying a helicopter called ‘Chopper’), he has maxed out his skills and packs a formidable punch – making boss fights more about just staying alive for long enough to let my guided missiles take them down. This level was no different. 

This achievement is worth 10G and 37.95% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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