I Hope You Have Insurance 

I knew that Screamride was going to be a tacky, easy achievement kind of game when I downloaded it – but it seemed like a harmless edition to the library to play when the kids were around. Turns out those instincts were right. Within about ten minutes of game time, I’d unlocked a handful of achievements and gotten a feel for the first part of the game. I get the sense that there’s more layers to it than what I’ve played – ie. building your own roller coaster, but for now just going for a ride, learning how to use boost, leaning into corners and – like I was awarded this achievement for – sending my participants flying off the roller coaster to knock down half the city. 

Been having some long conversations lately with a good friend, solely a PlayStation gamer, about what’s next for gaming post-E3. He, seemingly like everyone else, is happy to keep his eggs in the PS4 basket, while I would rather Xbox if they can provide some surety that they won’t cock up the product, or at very least the messaging, Mattrick-style. I sense that his plan is more robust than mine. That being said, PS3 was the weaker console last generation – and PS4 came out strong, so Phil Spencer’s effort to reset the playing field with Scorpio will be telling come Christmas.

I’m also not-so-quietly excited about Apple’s conference overnight. New Siri speaker gets me warm and fuzzy – I love my Apple products – which also makes it hard to be so pro-Xbox when I could easily cut away from Microsoft … but goddamn Shuhei Yoshida won’t let me change my username, so he looses a bit of my business … for now. Maybe he can change my mind at E3.

This achievement is 5G and 62.81% of gamers have unlocked it.


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