Monster Hunter 

I started my first group training session tonight and I’m going back-to-back House of Cards, so I was a bit worried that there were no ‘quick’ achievements left to get before bed, so I opened up Minecraft: Pocket Edition on my phone to see what was, no pun intended, achievable. 

There is an achievement there for cooking and eating a porkchop, so with my limited Minecraft knowledge, I do know, roughly, how to assemble a stove, kill a pig and cook it. The first world I spawned had no cobblestones so after a while I got frustrated and ended up in a pit. The second had cobblestones, but could I find a pig? Sheesh! I did stumble across one eventually and did what I needed to do – ending up with one delicious pork chop in my inventory, but for the life of me did you think I could work out how to eat it? I figured the problem might be my full set of hearts and the stack of meat on the top of the screen, so I started running and jumping around the map, cooked pork chop in hand, trying to ‘work up’ an appetite. While I was doing so, it got dark, and in typical Minecraft fashion, a spider turned up, and with a trusty wooden sword in hand, I made quick work of him – hoping that he might knock a couple of hearts off me and I’d be able to eat my pork chop. Instead, I got an achievement! Daily goal accomplished!

With that in mind, I hit Save and Exit on my game. I’ve gotten my achievement now, and I figure it will be handy to have one ‘in the oven’ for next time I’m time poor and need a quick achievement. 

This achievement is worth 15G and 29.92% of gamers have unlocked it. 


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