Shadows of the Ancient Past

I pushed on with my collectable hunt in Shadow of Mordor today, tidying up both the artifact and the Ithildin achievements in time, rather than effort. It was a fairly quick whip around the two big maps and in under and hour I had both milestones done. 

I also made some progress with the survival and hunting challenges, but if time permits, I might save these achievements for another day. I’m fairly certain I only have one or two herbs left to collect, and I’m about halfway through the hunting challenges, so I envision a similar ‘final push’ like I had this morning to earn these other two.

If anything, this revisit of Mordor has utterly convinced me that this game is worthy of a sequel. It was nice to be drawn back into this story – something that I didn’t think possible because I’d already finished the main narrative, but there is complexity and history in Tolkien that Monolith are clearly very, very excited about, and it shows.

If the same game is essentially remastered and published as as a sequel, I’m still going to buy it. One of the great underrated titles of our time.

This achievement was worth 30G and 9.22% of people have unlocked it.


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