Ranger of Ithilien

First of all, apologies for the lousy screen grab. I was burrowing deep into caves in Shadow of Mordor looking for the last of the herbs to get to finish off the survivalist mission, and this looked to be the last, or second-last one I did. It really was a case of making sure that the area I was in had those particular herbs and then running around until I found them, but in the end, the caves were the best place to pick up herbs in both volume and variety. Another achievement down.

For all intents and purposes, that was all I wanted to get done in Mordor – just something akin to a bit more ‘progress’ beyond the main story missions. Having 100%’d it on PS4, the temptation to go for broke is still there, but also I’d rather have a few of my back catalogue cleaned up before I keep filling up my hard drive. At the moment, Black Flag is the one that’s hanging over my head with only about a third of the way through it.

Nonetheless, this achievement is worth 20G and 8.01% of gamers have unlocked it.


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