Savior of Skylands IV

I’ve actually had a fairly productive day for achievements – spurred on by the announcement of the Xbox One X (more on this, below) and happy to stay in the Microsoft ecosystem for the time being. I had planned on putting one of my achievements from the brief post-E3 session on Blood Bowl I had this morning, but after a fairly exhausting weekend for the family, it was nice to plop in front of the TV and have a Skylanders: Trap Team session with my son.

Little did we know that about an hour and a half later (stop-starting to do a few other things in-between), we would be confronting perennial antagonist, Kaos, in the final chapter (18) of the Trap Team saga.

We have been slowly making our way through Trap Team since we finished Max and the Curse of Brotherhood, so I guess we made more progress than we thought. It’s probably a game that we play briefly once every few weeks, but it seems like that it was a content-rich game nonetheless. It’s a completionists nightmare between the toys and the hidden areas (and 18 levels of them!), but for once I’m happy just to register the ‘campaign complete’ achievement and move on to the next thing on my backlog.

I suspect that the next Father-Som game we’ll work through will be LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, as its one of the few games in my library that does couch co-op really well. Normally I’d make an attempt at 100%’ing the LEGO games, but in the interests of keeping things varietal, I think it’ll be a fun run to the finish, just as this was.

This achievement was worth 150G and 27.66% of gamers have unlocked it. 

In other news, I was up early this morning to catch Xbox’s E3 press conference, and reveal of the Xbox One X. Following that, I went and watched the IGN post-show show and, my God, the comments. Whinging about the price, calling it Xbox’s worse E3 ever … perhaps it was more indicative of IGN’s audience?

Nonetheless, I figured that it shows the gamer mindset still thinks of Xbox as a console and not a service, despite Satya Nadella making that his big focus when he took over (see also: Office 365, Azure, etc.). Sure, there were games there that were identified as Console Exclusive, with complete ignorance of the vision that Microsoft, the company, has when it comes to gaming. 

Repeat after me, haters: PC games can now be Xbox games. Perhaps I should insert a not-so-subtle reminder here about how much Steam was hated … HATED … when it launched.

Despite nearly two hours of games showed with a fat Xbox label plastered across them, the beefiest console, OG Xbox back compat, the failure to produce something with the psychological equivalent of Horizon Zero Dawn makes Xbox the ‘failure.’

I stand by my oft-peddled (and crass) line that Microsoft could give out lollipops with every Xbox sold, and people would still complain that they didn’t get one that was strawberry flavoured.

It was an absolutely good conference. It ticked the boxes for me and I can’t wait to play things faster, crisper and better on the new console.

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