Target Acquired


There’s a fairly good chance I’ll get onto the console tonight, but I figured I’d go for a wander around the Windows store and see what might have been added on there during the E3 haze. I did discover a few discounts which really float my boat, most notably Forza Horizon 3, so if my weak-financial restraint and the sale aligns with pay-day, there’s a fairly strong likelihood that this will be added to my collection.

As part of my wandering around the store, a whole heap of updates came down the pipeline, including a game that I hadn’t played for a while: Asphalt 8: Airborne. It’s essentially just a mobile or Facebook Free-to-Play game, but I figured I’d have a quick look and see if there were any new achievements as part of the update (it didn’t look like it). But I figured that there had to be something that I could knock-on-the-head, and sure enough, there was this quick little achievement for taking out the same car five times in a single race. It was an easy earn, setup a beginner’s race, find a car that stands out and then smash into him five times.


So, that’s what I did. I can’t imagine playing much more Asphalt 8, but I did see an ad for a new version coming soon. If it has achievements, then there’ll more-than-likely be a few for the days when I need something quick-and-easy.

This achievement is worth 5G and 7.74% of players have unlocked it.


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