The Maker’s Bow

Another late start tonight on account of training, a late dinner, then an episode of OITNB, and I still had a Shadow of Mordor itch that needed scratching off the back of E3, so I ventured back to Mordor for another night.

Most of tonight was spent cleaning up the upgrades for my dagger and bow, but after a while (and a few failed attempts) it seemed like I was better off focusing on one weapon so as to get the achievement before I made it to bed. That weapon was the bow, Azkâr. 

For a game that drip feeds you upgrades throughout the campaign, Mordor is its most fun with a heavily upgraded Talion simply running around beheading and combusting heads willy-nilly. The bow seems to be a bit under-utilised across the game, so these ten challenges are a welcome addition to try the bow out.

I only have a couple of dagger missions left, so I’ll keep them handy for a night where I have time and inclination. They’re not ‘quick’ missions, they’re ‘don’t be discovered’ missions – perhaps my weakest trait when playing Mordor. Still, practice makes perfect.

This achievement is worth 30G and 14.35% of gamers have unlocked it.

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