Leave me alone!

A Walk in the Dark 15_06_2017 9_12_40 PM

I thought I’d try something different tonight, on account of being absolutely knackered at work today, and in desperate need of a good night’s sleep … so I picked up a cheap and cheerful indie from the Windows 10 store tonight simply called A Walk in the Dark.

The premise is straight forward: guide a cat, Bast, or his small girl owner through a series of increasingly more difficult levels. The levels are short, snappy and have just the right amount of challenge, with only a slight delay between pressing the jump key and actually jumping causing me some angst, but not enough to rage-quit or give up on the game altogether.

A Walk in the Dark 15_06_2017 8_58_30 PM

There’s a Par time for each level which is a fun little meta challenge, as well as grass seeds and butterflies on each level that, I assume, have some further challenge as you make your way through, but there’s nothing by way of a tutorial, so it’s a case of having to try and work it all out yourself. A quick look at the key bindings, by way of which is jump, crouch, left and right, is probably all you need for the first couple of levels but I imagine there’s always scope to patch in more complicated controls or techniques in later levels. Who knows? I’m just spit-balling. There’s more than enough complication early on anyway.

This achievement is worth 10G and 42.88% of gamers have unlocked it.


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