Torn Apart

I suspect that this achievement unlocked at 12.01am because it was the last thing I did before I switched off my console for the night, but it registered as the 17th so it counts and I’ll take it. Not that I usually have trouble earning achievements on the weekend, but I’ve also become accustomed to making hay when the sun shines … or it’s midnight, whatever metaphor works for you.

This achievement is simply for dying in a new game I’ve started tonight, State of Decay. I’m not really a survivalist type of gamer, but this one still feels a little bit arcade-y, enough to keep me going for the time being anyway. This game is one of my post-E3 primers, with the sequel due out soon, I’d hate to think I’m going in blind. There’s a little bit of inventory and home base management that I’m not particularly fond of, and I feel like trying to catch what a character says often means you miss the visual, or you’re too busy yelling at other people: “What did they say?”

It’s a learning curve.

This achievement is worth 20G and 48.72% of gamers have unlocked it.


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