I felt like playing something ‘new’ tonight, and I was on the verge of starting off Bioshock Infinite when I thought a bit of Dante and Devil May Cry might be better to sate my evening appetite for demon slaying.

I was a big, big fan of the original DmC, but I equally enjoy this reboot and the fast-paced combat and puzzles littered throughout. I’m only two missions in, but already I can see the places where you need to go through and find keys and lost souls and other collectibles that provide games like this some longevity beyond the campaign.

As much as I enjoy it though, it really is just a campaign run for me. I find myself skipping cutscenes every so often and I’ve died a few times in a hurry to get through the mission rather than reading the tutorial pop-up, but nothing that’s grounded my experience so far. It’s fast, it’s fun, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

100 demons had to die to unlock this achievement. It’s worth 10G and 66.59% of gamers have unlocked it.


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