Only kind of gift worth giving

This isn’t the achievement I’m supposed to be writing about tonight. For a not-insignificant portion of my evening, I have been working my way through various LEGO Dimensions worlds with my son, completing the Adventure Time level pack, and the Doctor Who level of the main campaign – the latter of which is supposed to trigger a 25G achievement, but – as I have discovered in the past – some glitch happens when you play split-screen that causes the achievement to break, meaning neither you, or your partner, gets the score. For what it’s worth, I think Skylanders is the leader in this toys-to-life genre for a reason: solid campaigns, allowing multiple accounts to play couch co-op and earn their individual achievements.

Instead I found myself at 11pm, no runs on the board, and in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, so I loaded Devil May Cry up, knowing there were still a few ability and weapon ‘unlock’ achievements to earn, all of which have, thus far, happened early game, and sure enough, after 15 minutes I had finished another level and acquired the ‘Angel Boost’ ability.

So, as a result of a system stuff-up, this is the only achievement I have earned for the entire day, and that frustrates me, but I’m also pleased I got one, nonetheless. Here’s another picture of me fighting the Dalek boss to remind us all of could been.

This achievement is worth 10G and 59.43% of gamers have unlocked it.


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