No More Favors


I decided to fill some time while Masterchef was on tonight, with a session of ‘something’ via Xbox-PC streaming. After a few minutes waiting for the internet to be able to handle the very low standard I allow for my streamed games, I was able to progress a little further through the campaign in Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

It’s a bit of a different beast when you haven’t remembered what the control scheme was and you can’t have any sound playing, but I was able to survive long enough to get to an achievement-worthy checkpoint. It’s funny, I’ve never really cared about the sound in games – much of my PlayStation career has been played via Vita Remote Play or with the TV on mute, but there is a level of banter and emotion in Gears that seems like it needs audio. I stopped playing as soon as I got an achievement so I can try and play the majority of the game as I think it should be played, but I just thought it was an interesting observation in an otherwise benign evening of gaming.

This achievement is worth 20G and 35.34% of gamers have unlocked it.


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