A New Hope

Note: This post has been migrated from my personal blog. Most posts earlier than this date will have been imported from there, so image links may be broken or time/dates out of alignment.

It seems fitting that my last Achievement a Day entry on this site should be the reborn title of Star Wars Episode IV, or the original Star Wars. For those who have been following, I am migrating my daily challenge to a new URL: achievementaday.com where I’ll be able to keep gaming and other stuff (politics, business, current affairs, toys, etc.) a little separate.

Nothing else will ‘really’ change. At least, that’s not the intent. But I’m a shallow man, and I’m prone to flights of fancy. So things might change. Who knows – But we’ll find out together!

I was right about the Black Flag sequences getting a bit shorter. This achievement was for one of the memory sequences that took me to Africa, and from start to finish I was done in about 20 minutes.

So, with that in mind I would like to wrap up the financial year 2016-17 with a thanks to everyone who has enjoyed a daily burst of achievement hunting with me, and another plug/reminder that the journey continues over at: achievementaday.com on Twitter at @achievementaday and Facebook at, you guessed it, fb.me/achievementaday 

This achievement is worth 20G and has been unlocked by 19.68% of gamers.


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