Rebel Sympathizer

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands • Unlocked a Rebel Skill • 15G • 76.80% of gamers unlocked this

I am not ashamed to admit that I have an incredible soft spot for the Tom Clancy series of games, ever since the original Rainbow Six appeared on PC. It was at a time before terrorism became mainstream, and every game under the sun wanted to have their slice of narrative-driven action. Not having much in the way of internet probably didn’t hurt either, as a decent single player campaign was the only thing standing in the way of gamers playing your game or doing, literally, anything else. 

I knew I would eventually grab Wildlands after spending some time in the Beta, so I spent some time last night getting my character established and, essentially, doing everything I had already done in the Beta. 

It feels like I’ve done most story missions in the region for now, so I suspect that there’ll be an achievement or two coming up for killing the low-level initial ‘boss’. I’m only truly bugged by Helicopfer handling to be honest, which isn’t quite GTAV friendly, but not quite as obnoxious as a flight sim either. It’s not game-breaking, it’s just a gripe. 

No doubt I’ll be heading back to the story very soon.


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