Guacamelee • Defeated an arena without taking any damage • 20G • 40.20% of gamers unlocked this

Another Guacamelee achievement today. The multiple save points scattered throughout the game make it a good title to have a quick session with before work, so a healthy stream of achievements should keep me ticking over for the time being.

In terms of progress, I unlocked my first special move this morning by name of the Rooster Uppercut, which is one of the most basic but oft-used mechanics in the game. Perhaps not my favourite though, that special spot in my heart is saved for double-jump. I love a good double-jump.

The good thing about special moves is that it allows you to clear small arenas like the one I did this morning quickly. A whole bunch of skeletons didn’t last long with the punch-and-throw combo.

The journey continues!


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