Made to Order

Diablo III • Craft 5 items • 20G • 51.67% of gamers unlocked this

If my timing was just a little bit better, I would have been able to share much nicer achievements from Diablo III with you. Instead I’m left with a couple of ‘tidy up’ achievements today – mostly surrounding crafting. The reason I’m able to get these so successfully is that I played a game with a mate last night, who has a lot more experience with Diablo (the series) than I do, so he was able to explain things like transmogrification better than the game ever did (and I was able to clear a Nephalim Rift in under 15 minutes while we talked – another achievement).

I have to say, I enjoy this end-game aspect of Diablo that I’ve never really experimented with before. It has a nice way of keeping things interesting, and getting to use the character that you’ve already gone on a huge journey with is well worth the ride as well. I’m glad that the new Necromancer character gave me a reason to check back in with what’s new. Full disclosure: I didn’t earn any of these achievements with my new Necromancer yet, my beefed-up Crusader is leading the charge at the moment.


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