Out of the Blue

Minecraft: Story Mode • Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 5 • 40G • 11.84% of gamers unlocked this

Eleven percent. That’s how many people who started Minecraft: Story Mode failed to make it to Episode 5 – and do you want to know why? Because many of them, like me, got suckered into buying what was essentially the ‘season pass’ when it first launched, only to be bait-and-switched halfway through the season to try and be sold a second bundle to ‘complete the season’. You see, the main story of Minecraft essentially wraps up in 3-4 episodes, and then spirals out to a serial-like show. Sure, I love episodic content, but Mojang or Telltale or both really stuffed up the messaging with Story Mode at launch, and judging by these stats, it looks like it’s barely recovered.

Nonetheless, there is nothing a good sale can’t get in the way of, so I picked up the ‘complete the series’ pass for a few bucks during Xbox’s recent sale. The game is fundamentally the same, and I was able to pick it back up again (it wouldn’t have really mattered if I could or not – the storyline is so on-rails in overly typical Telltale). I’ve been working my way through it but truth be told I’m slightly hooked on Diablo III at the moment, so the instant the kids are in bed, I’ll be back to Sanctuary to drag my Demon Hunter up to Level 70.


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