Deep Pockets

Diablo III • Pick up 500,000 gold • 20G • 46.91% of gamers unlocked this

I have no idea why this achievement took so long to unlock – by all rights, I had earned more than 500,000 gold a long time ago, but the progress tracker was ever-so-slowly going up, so I assumed something was happening. It’s quite possible that this achievement was only for gold that you collect off the ground, and my total amount was bolstered with a healthy attitude of ‘sell everything’. Nonetheless, last night I was experimenting with the end-game content of Diablo III (I’m still not quite Level 70, so haven’t gotten into what Paragon Points mean or any of that yet) and accidentally got carried away completing bounties – another achievement I could have held over for another day – when I took a look at the achievement list and figured I’d hold this one over until this morning.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I am thoroughly enjoying Diablo III. I have a few days of uninterrupted gaming coming up so my main aim will be to get my main Crusader to Level 70, and then try and level up my Necromancer and Demon Hunter to respectable end-game worthy characters as well. In the meantime, I’m finding it somewhat cathartic in just running rifts and bounties when I have a few free minutes.

And if we’re all honest, cathartic is exactly the sensation we all want from our games at the moment.


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