Above & Beyond 

Diablo III • Reach Level 70 • 25G • 36.59% of gamers unlocked this

I did it. Level 70. My Diablo III experience feels much more ‘complete’ now, though to be honest I’m enjoying it so much that I’m kind of keen to push my other characters up to the max level and have some fun with them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the end-game stuff perhaps more than the story (which is solid) itself, but I’m well aware that there’s a whole lot more below the surface if I’m willing and able to learn it.

I decided that rifts were the easiest way to get levels, averaging about one level per rift, but bounties are probably more ‘fun’, being short, sharp encounters that you can finish – sometimes – in 2-3 minutes.

I’m going to put a pin in Diablo III for the night and try my hand at something a little more punishing but still within the overall theme … Dark Souls 2. I picked this up last night in the Xbox sales with a few minutes to spare, along with The Witness, so I have a few things to keep me going for the time being.

I don’t anticipate a flurry of achievements with either title, but stranger things have happened!

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