Easy Rider

Hearthstone • A reward for your 100th win in Play Mode

I’ve lamented my ineptitude in Hearthstone before, but it does such a wonderful job of sucking me back in with its promise of card backs and loot that I inevitably find myself back there once or twice a week. Sure, there are little challenges along the way – play twenty beast cards, win three games as a Priest, etc. But none quite compare with this milestone that popped up on my screen after finishing a game last night.

One hundred games. Woah.

I like Blizzard’s approach to cross-promotion. An achievement here in Hearthstone equates to in-game rewards in Heroes of the Storm. I am particularly fascinated to see what happens when Destiny lands on Battle.net later this year and whether there’ll be any shameless cross-promotion as well.

We can all dream, can’t we?

Side Note: I know that this isn’t a console achievement but it felt too good an opportunity to pass up. From
time-to-time I may be able to stream from here as well, so consider this article part of my overall aim to keep things open with a few extra features.


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