Welcome to the Caribbean!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean • Complete Port Royal • 12G • 79.53% of gamers unlocked this

This month’s Games with Gold titles keep the LEGO on Xbox 360 train alive with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s not really much that can be said about the LEGO formula. It’s charming. It’s accessible. And it’s able to make an average IP into something worth spending some time with.

I did the opening chapter with my son on controller two tonight. There was probably an achievement or two that could have unlocked for him if he’d been signed it, but I ended up doing the tasks myself anyway (like being eaten by a shark). He’ll have to earn his own achievements later on (something he’s getting quite good at – the kid can successfully navigate Skylanders levels solo)!

Chalk this one up to ‘another game started and likely to be added to the backlog’ as I work my way through the library. Like a certain other pirate game I’ve been playing!


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