Get Out of Jail Free

Microsoft Solitaire Collection • Won 10 FreeCell Games • 20G • 10.79% of gamers unlocked this

Firstly, I am unhappy with the capitalisation in the achievement description. I think either ‘out’ or ‘of’ need to be the single source of trust when it comes to capitalisation. Quick! Someone! Make a submission. 

Meanwhile, I feel like It was a bit of a tough decision with where to go with my achievements tonight. Considering I didn’t sit down for dinner until nearly 9pm, I made a decision to go for a mobile achievement while the going was good. 
There’s a couple of reasons for my decision. 

The first, is, obviously, time. Wednesday is training night, so I have limited time to incorporate dinner, training, kids bedtime and gaming, so at some point in the evening I need to make a ruling on how I’m going to approach my achievement. 

The second reason has to do with my current session on Dark Souls II, and some good advice I received from my good friend, Nick, last night about how to play it. The short version? Don’t rush in. So, with that in mind, I wandered back to the opening area, and sure enough I found a whole heap of mini-tutorials to work through, all of which gained me enough souls to purchase a level-up. But, that means that I’m still a bit off going for a boss, and therefore, an achievement. So going for the Souls achievement meant I knew that I could play Souls without the additional time pressure of having to switch games and grab an achievement before midnight. 

Of course, it turns out I underestimated how quickly I become frustrated with Dark Souls, and after half an hour I ended up kicking off a new game of Wolfenstein (to get the alternative Save Fergus/Wyatt achievement) and playing for a little while until, sure enough, I earned some other achievement for grenade kills. Net Result? I didn’t need to burn my Solitaire achievement just yet and I exited the game shortly after so I have another achievement lined up! 

The rest of the week is – touch wood – quieter, so I anticipate some more gaming in the evening. Not sure if we’ll go something fun like LEGO with the kids, or double-down on Dark Souls, but either way – I have a Destiny 2 Beta burning a hole in my heart that I want to play! 


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