Last Giant 

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin • Defeat the Last Giant • 10G • 52.53% of gamers unlocked this

I have heard about that special kind of sensation you get when you kill a particularly difficult Dark Souls boss. I’m guessing that with an achievement completion rate of over 50% this one is not technically one of the ‘harder’ ones, but with seven hours of game time before I killed my first boss, I’m going to say that it certainly wasn’t easy. Nonetheless, I am currently enjoying that special sensation.

When I finally toppled this tree-looking monstrosity I immediately ran back to a bonfire, refilled my health, saved the game and quit. Like my long-standing tradition of avoiding trivia nights because I had a large winning streak and wanted to retire undefeated, I want to savour this euphoria for the rest of the day.

Naturally, I wanted to share the joy with some gaming friends, many of who were thrilled to share in my happiness, but I had to laugh at one response which immediatley forewarned me about harder things to come …

Yay! Dark Souls 2 can have some painful bosses. Like the Belfry Gargoyles and the Ruin Sentinals among others

None of which are in the immediately foreseeable future. I already know where one other boss is, but my immediate goal now is to get back to Majula and upgrade my stats. But not today. Today is a day for burgers and milkshakes!


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