And You’re Okay

Runbow • Beat Satura in the Forgotten Forest • 20G • 5.47% of gamers unlocked this

I really wanted to try and smash through a few Salvage levels on Destiny tonight, so I had thought I was being organised and downloaded Imperia Online on Windows 10, which is both listed as an Xbox title in the store, and has achievements built in. But it seems to use of Xbox is for multiplayer only, and the achievements are simply in-game ones, so after thinking I was onto something, I got home to upload my screen captures to the blog only to find that there was 0/0G achievements listed on the Xbox App. I thought it may just be a glitch at first, much like Xbox 360 titles will award you the achievement but the actual substance of it is buried in your profile – but a check of my gamerscore quickly confirmed my fears: no achievements to be had here.

So, Plan B. I felt like something quick because I wanted to keep to my Destiny plan as best I could, but I couldn’t be bothered with a Telltale title and with the kids still awake I was fresh out of luck with shooters. So, with that in mind, I opened up one of the Games with Gold titles for the month and saw how far I could get with very little idea about the premise or gameplay of a little puzzle-come-platformer called Runbow.

Aethestically, it feels quite similar to Guacamelee, and I haven’t looked at the credits yet, I suspect there’s some studio crossover, as I saw some ‘Juan’ unlockable as part of running around the opening levels. You won’t hear any complaints from me – I’ve talked fondly about Guacamelee before – but it’s relatively simple format, and premise make this a fun little winner, hands down.


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