Roman Tourist 

Ryse: Son of Rome • Collect Your First Vista • 10G • 66.43% of gamers unlocked this

When I think of launch title games, I tend to think of the difference between something like, for example, Resistance: Fall of Man and The Last of Us, representing the start and the end of the PlayStation 3 generation.

So when it came to launch titles for the Xbox One it’s not a surprise that this one was overlooked. It’s not hard to cut through the hyperbole and marketing spend that comes from a glossy E3 presentation, and so when Ryse: Son of Rome was first revealed, I think a large part of me thought ‘sit and wait’ to see what the middle or the end of the generation would bring.

Turns out I’ve been missing a wonderfully crafted, rich game with some outright fun, complex combat.

I’ve actually powered through the first two chapters of this game this morning, which appears to largely set up the premise and have the protagonist tell his story through a range of flashback missions. I’m still not entirely sure what a Vista is, but as I was working my way through the second mission, a green glowing shield on the wall was willing me to pick it up, and as a result, I earned this achievement.

I have a fairly slow day planned for today, I just have some minor PC repairs to do, and then I may get a chance this afternoon to work through some Destiny or level up my necromancer on Diablo III.


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