There’s No Such Thing As Luck

Ryse: Son of Rome • Kill An Enemy By Perfectly Deflecting An Arrow • 10G • 18.41% of gamers unlocked this

I made some more progress on Ryse today, which had some slightly tougher combatants and more of them as Marius moved in to take out a tower which had stopped the Roman fleet and taken out several ships. There was naturally a progression achievement attached with finishing the level, but what I found interesting was this achievement which I earned in the heat of combat seemingly hitting the right button at the right time.

I’m unsure how much extra gaming I’ll get in today, as I had to squeeze this in while the kids were out of earshot and line of sight, given Ryse’s particularly visceral fight scenes and subject matter – but there’s always time to find a sneaky game of Hearthstone or something from the LEGO series.

I also spent some time yesterday updating my desktop computer with a wireless adapter which has completely revolutionised the way in which I can use that PC. No more trying to wire it through a temperamental wireless extender and hope that it stays stable enough for online play. Nope, this one is going straight to the motherboard, baby! There’s a good chance I may scope-out my Steam library and see if there’s anything there worth playing.

I suspect there’ll be mixed results.


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