Bedside Manor

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season • Returned to the manor with medical assistance • 20G • 23.22% of gamers unlocked this

Time is a bit precious today, so I worked quickly this morning to squeeze in a quick chapter of The Walking Dead. I quite possibly may manage to grab an achievement off one of my other in-progress games tonight before I rush off to a meeting, but I figured it was best not to chance it, and grab one while opportunity presented itself. It’s a busy day at work as well, which meant that my ability to grab an iOS achievement was unlikely, nor a PC achievement (plus I have had issues with the Xbox achievements on PC not showing up), so this really was the best solution. Even now, I’m huddled over an early lunch on my iPad to write this.

It’s worth noting that this is also the end of July – so I’ve ‘officially’ finished my first month of Achievement a Day! Yay! I think this has been a good month to demonstrate the trials and tests that go along with setting oneself a gaming challenge, between kids, work, and life more generally. It’s not impossible, and when you’ve got the time and the inclination to do the research, it’s actually very achievable (pun intended), but when it’s more of a hobby than anything else, it can be difficult, particularly for someone who doesn’t have many other ‘outlets’ in life. I don’t necessarily consider myself someone who only has gaming as an outlet (certainly not with two kids!), but I am empathetic to how lonely some people can be.

In all honesty, this was perhaps the easiest achievement of the game so far. Having a bit of an idea what happens in the story helped, and I didn’t need to click on every icon in the house to go and find Clementine (the actual title of the achievement – bringing the Doctor back to the house – happens in the section prior), and was able to make my way straight downstairs and outside, so today’s was a bit of a ‘free pass’. There will be days like that, and judging by my schedule, not entirely unnecessary. Tomorrow night I’m out for dinner and Wednesday night is training – and somewhere over the course of those three days I need to squeeze in this week’s Game of Thrones, so it might be a week for easy achievements.

But it’s all part of the challenge – I can’t wait to see where I end up.

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