Forged Credentials

Diablo III • Raise the Blacksmith to level 12 • 20G • 37.83% of gamers unlocked this

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even really know about this as an achievement until I went hunting for a quick-and-easy Diablo III achievement this morning. I’ve been getting right into the Season Mode on Diablo, which is a refreshing change from the straight story mode. And now that I know how to go straight into the rifts and bounties, it’s a hell of a lot easier. At this rate, I may be able to increase my stats for the other character classes each season and eventually get my coveted “get every class to Level 70” achievement.

This season, I’ve gone with a barbarian, only because I didn’t have one already in-progress, and while he hasn’t been as strong and effective with mobs as my paladin or necromancer, his rend ability is still ‘not bad’, so I think I can progress through the season fairly effectively with him, assuming the later challenges aren’t too complicated for a relative newbie.

That being said, this achievement has nothing to do with my run on season mode. I turned Diablo on for a quick bounty this morning and looked at the achievement list with an easy achievement available for crafting 10 items, but instead I saw this one for raising the Blacksmith to level 12. I thought the maximum level was 10 so I wasn’t sure that this was actually a straight-forward thing, but I transferred back to my original paladin – with 400k+ in gold – and sure enough, with two clicks of the button, I had a Level 12 Blacksmith and a new achievement for today.

But, as far as I’m concerned, I’m leaving my paladin behind so I can focus on my other characters, so it was a quick switch back to my barbarian and another rift before I had to leave for work. It’s wonderful to find a renewed life for Diablo III in seasons … I wish I’d discovered it sooner!


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