Power Within

Guacamelee! • Completed Uay Chivo’s INTENSO training • 20G • 29.56% of gamers unlocked this

I don’t know what I have done to enjoy such bad karma, considering I’ve been up half the night with a sick baby, and then had to get up early with an early-rising toddler, but I suspect the root cause is simply ‘being a parent.’ Nonetheless, somewhere before 7am (bearing in mind I only climbed into bed for a broken night’s sleep at midnight after pushing through an achievement session on Slime Rancher) I cooked the kids breakfast, sat them up to the table, then snuck into the lounge room to see if I could grab a quick achievement before work – bleary eyes and all.

Sure enough, simply progressing a bit further through the story of Guacamelee! resulted in a progress achievement for unlocking one of the Luchador’s moves. I didn’t earn the achievement and simply ‘stop’ though … no, my intent this morning was to make as much progress as I could while the children, bless them, were entertained. The end-result was that I saw Uay Chivo once more to learn the ‘Frog Slam’ before it was time to shower and begin my daily commute.

I’m conscious that I need to try and earn a PlayStation trophy for the month as well, but I’ve misplaced my Vita (or my three year old has) so I’ll have to find something on the PS4 to work through. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I have a healthy backlog of PlayStation Plus titles I’ve been adding to my library over the past few years when I’ve otherwise abandoned the system. I’m keeping a keen eye on System Software Update 5.0 to see what nuggets of gold are going to come out of there as well (which I’m certain I’ve talked about before).

Tonight will be a night for watching The Handmaid’s Tale before hopefully making some more progress in my Diablo III season. Seems I’m having a bit of a anti/religious entertainment streak this week.


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