Who’s That Girl?

Ryse: Son of Rome • Meet Boudica • 30G • 47.40% of gamers unlocked this

Back to Ryse again today. I have no idea what’s going on with the LEGO Batman achievements, they’re glitched terribly, meaning that the levels I’ve played with my son (co-op) have failed to trigger the Sidekick achievement, and that’s when the game remains stable enough to let me finish a level. I’m not entirely sure the QA process was thorough with this conversion to backwards compatibility, so it might be a case of just playing it quietly solo with no other downloads or traffic on the hard drive happening when I do so.

Anyway, I’m not upset that I get to spend some more time on Ryse. It’s a beautiful, beautiful game. Crytek should be gutted that the horrible Xbox messaging overshadowed more people experiencing this game. At least it made it to PC! Heck, I even took a screenshot of the loading screen I was so impressed. Seriously … this game is Horizon Zero Dawn beautiful.

This achievement popped during the mission, ‘The King’, which I also finished (and earned an achievement for, but this one was more interesting). It was essentially a mini-boss fight, and seemed like something that was more ‘training’ for a bigger fight later on. You battle the Barbarian King’s daughter, Boudica, atop of a structure, where she briefly escapes before the King’s ultimate end-of-chapter surrender. It wasn’t a particularly difficult fight, just a matter of timing and patience really, but it was a nice break from the action and mob-fights that the game has thrown at me so far.

I also found my PlayStation Vita again yesterday, and earned myself a few achievements out of a game called Level 22, which – if I don’t earn anything exciting – I might use for my Trophy a Month challenge. Watch this space.


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