Wolfenstein: The New Order • Unlock tactical perk 1 • 10G • 64.30% of gamers unlocked this

If I could make one request of the developers of Wolfenstein II, it’s that the long, drawn-out, base-building missions where you don’t run-and-gun and kill Nazi’s has to go. I am certain that there is probably some narrative basis for having some ‘slow’ parts of your story, but when you switch from dual-wielding machine guns to walking around sewers looking for a welder, you tend to loose your high.

I had an uninhibited half-hour this morning where I could play Wolfy without the kids nearby, so I took the opportunity to get through the boring base bit, and push onto a level where I could work on my next perk. I can’t remember if I talked about this one the last entry I did for Wolfy, but my final requirement was to do a headshot with a pistol while aiming down my sights (I had already done five of them), so this one wasn’t overly complicated, it just took time to actually find a pistol, and then find an enemy. Sure enough, the mission after my sewer-crawl delivered (after another equally mundane activity running around underwater in some vehicle), and the achievement popped just as it was time to leave for work.

Don’t get me wrong. Wolfenstein is still an amazing game. Brilliant. It is because it’s that good that I can criticise the small stuff, and believe me, it really is small stuff. I actually didn’t mind the base stuff the first few times I played Wolfy, so it’s perhaps more indicative of my fatigue of the story – something the base stuff thrives on – that has prompted my whinge today. Perhaps I won’t mind it in Wolfy 2, but – let’s be honest – there’s certainly much more appeal in blowing people up than aimlessly wandering around a hidden base finding trinkets.

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